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Alex’s Blog / 02.08.09

For those of you that don’t know, has been launched or re-launched, or whatever you call it. Special thanks to Matt Burgess for putting it together. What a champ. Check out his kick-ass music blog:

I’m getting antsy. This new record steps out into the world in less than two days. It’s been three years, maybe a little more, since I’ve released a record, and I can’t even believe it. What the hell have I been doing? Everything else, I guess.

As you can imagine, the success of this record will rely on a word of mouth / grassroots campaign. We’re giving it away, yes, but every one of you can help spread the word. This is all I ask in return. All I want is for people to hear this music. Send out a bulletin, write it in a blog, make a copy for your boss, play it on your radio station or in your bar, make a million copies and drop them from helicopters over your town. Tell everyone you know. And then tell them again.

The Damnwells. One Last Century. February 10, 2009.

I started working on a new song yesterday, and then I finished it. A new song in an hour, like when I was 22 or 23. I guess creation begets inspiration. The song is called “Death Defier,” and I borrowed the title from the short story by Tom Bissell of the same name.

I’ll go down into the think tank / frigid basement and see if I can craft a recording of it for you to hear.

The snow has been melting for two days in the unseasonably warm whether, and the streets are running with water as if from a storm, though the sky is bright and clear. We’re enjoying the respite. It will be below 30 again on Tuesday when the record comes out. Just in time.