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Alex’s Blog / ONE LAST CENTURY (credits)

Here they are:



Charlie “Chopper” Anderson played bass on almost all of these songs.
Jay Barclay played guitar on Bastard of Midnight.
Gilad Benamram arranged the strings for WWXII.
David Chernis played guitar on 55 Pictures.
Angela Dezen sang backing vocals on Like It Is, Dandelion, Closer Than We Are, and Bastard Of Midnight, but she should have sang on them all.
Michael Flynn played keyboards and other things on Down with the Ship.
David Gilmore played pedal steel on Dandelion.
Ted Hudson played bass on 55 Pictures.
Josh Kaler played drums on Down with the Ship.
Shane Keister played keyboards on almost all of these songs.
Andrew Ratcliffe played drums on almost all of these songs.
Steven Terry played drums on 55 Pictures.
Lamon Washington played drums on Jesus Could Be Right.
Freddy Wall played lap steel and guitar on almost all of these songs.

All of these songs were written by Alex Dezen, except 55 Pictures. That songs was written by David Chernis, Alex Dezen, Ted Hudson, and Steven Terry.

This record was produced by Freddy Wall.
All the tracks on this recorded were recorded by Andrew Ratcliffe at Tweed Recording Studio in Oxford, MS, except 55 Pictures. That was recorded by Andy Gerber at Million Yen Studios in Chicago, IL.
The songs on this record were mixed by Freddy Wall and Andrew Ratcliffe at The Okra Shack in Leipers Fork, TN.
This record was mastered by Dave McNair at Scott Hull Mastering in NYC.